S.No. Project Description Architect / Client Cost(INR)
1. Delhi Metro MC1A Project (Kashmiri Gate to Vishwa Vidyayala station) - 4 Staions and Under Ground Connecting Tunnel between 4 stations, New Delhi. DMRC 70,000,000
2. City Square Mall at Shivaji Place, New Delhi. (3.90 Lakh sq. feet) Architect Bureau 30,000,000
3. AEZ Plaza, at Pritam pura, New Delhi. (1.25 Lakh sq. feet) Theraja Associates 12,500,000
4. Wipro Technologies, GDC-II, Plot No. 281, Udyog Vihar, Phase-II, Gurgaon. WIPRO 5,100,000
5. Wipro Spectramind at 237, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi. M/s Interics Design Consultant 7,200,000
6. Call Centre for Igate, Noida M/s Interics Design Consultant 3,400,000
7. Avaya India Private Limited At Pune (Phase-II). M/s Interics Design Consultant 500,000
8 Sapient at DLF Cyber Green Phase - 1 & 2, Gurgaon. M/s DWP Interics Design Consultant 12,500,000
9 Call Centre for B.C.C., Gurgoan M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 5,600,000
10 Office Building for Mandrain software at factory road, New Delhi M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 1,700,000
11 Delhi Public School At Rewari. M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 1,800,000
12 Heritage School at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 1,500,000
13 Office Complex for CNBC TV18, Noida M/s Space Matrix 4,200,000
14 Office Interior works For Watson, Gurgoan. M/s Space Matrix 500,000
15 Office Interior works For M/s. IBF, Ansal Plaza M/s Space Matrix 350,000
16 Office Interior works For M/s. Continental Airlines, Ansal Plaza M/s Space Matrix 650,000
17 Office Interior works For M/s. R-system, Noida. M/s Space Matrix 1,650,000
18 Office Interior works For M/s ENI at 13th Floor of EROS Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi M/s Space Matrix 1,100,000
19 Office Interior works For M/s Holtec. M/s Inspace 1,800,000
20 Office Interior works For M/s ABN AMRO Bank at Muradabad. M/s DNA 450,000
21 Office Interior works For M/s REGUS at 14th Floor of EROS Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi. M/s DBD 475,000
22 Office Interior works For M/s Microsoft at 5th Floor of EROS Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi. M/s Adrianse India Pvt. Ltd 975,000
23 4 Nos. Multiplex at TDI Centre, Raja Garden For M/s. Waves M/s Waves 1,850,000
24 350 Bed G.B. Pant Hospital for J & K Government, at Srinagar M/s T. K. Basu & Associates 19,500,000
25 Hostel Block in IMT, Ghaziabad M/s We Design 2,600,000
26 Farm Hosue for Mr. Karan, at Sultanpur, New Delhi. M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 1,300,000
27 Farm Hosue for Mr. Tripathi, at Asola, New Delhi. M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 950,000
28 Asksya Homes at Chenni M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 1,750,000
29 Meditation Centre At Gurgaon. M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 18,00,000
30 Macdonald at Mega Mall, Lucknow M/s We Design 475,000
31 Macdonald at Fun Republic, Lucknow M/s We Design 435,000
32 Macdonald at Kanpur M/s We Design 385,000
33 Jagdish Store at Plot No. 40, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. M/s Architect Bureau 3,000,00
34 Café Masala Restaurant, C.P., New Delhi M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 345,000
35 Revalidation of Design Strengthening & Balance Construction of Dry Dock & Wharves at Navel Dockyard, Mumbai M/s. Royal Haskoning India Private Limited 1,450,000
Punjabi by Nature Gurgoan M/s. Morphogenesis 1,350,000
37 SAP office in Vatika tower, Gurgoan M/s. DWP Interics 1,650,000
38 ACME Office in Infinite Tower, Gurgoan M/s. DWP Interics 1,275,000
39 Roc Search Office, Noida M/s. Space Matrix 1,975,000
40 Sky T.V. Broadcasting Station, VSNL Complex, New Delhi M/s. VIA DESGIN 775,000
41 Ericssion In Infinite Tower, Gurgaon M/s. VIA DESGIN 2,550,000
42 Bharti In Infinite Tower, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 7,500,000
43 Arabia In Infinite Tower, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 1,250,000
44 ICICI Bank Office In Kolkata M/s Space Matrix 8,500,000
45 ICRA Office, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 1,350,000
46 Coware Office Logix Park Noida M/s Interics 975,000
47 Food Court, Logix Park Noida M/s Interics 575,000
48 ACL Court, Logix Park Noida M/s Intrics 1,175,000
49 IREO Infinite Tower, Gurgaon M/s. Morphogenesis 1,325,000
50 Ester Infinite Tower, Gurgaon M/s. Morphogenesis 1,675,000
51 Paragon at Shivaji Place, New Delhi. (1.95 Lakh sq.feet) M/s Architect Bureau 23,500,000
52 Proposed Mall at Plot No. 10 at Shivaji Place, New Delhi M/s Architect Bureau 28,500,000
53 West Gate Mall at Plot No. 4, 5, 6 at Shivaji Place, New Delhi. (4.60 Lakh sq. feet) M/s Architect Bureau 38,500,000
54 Proposed shopping & Office at Jasola, New Delhi. (2.60 Lakh sq. feet M/s Architect Bureau 23,500,000
55 Proposed Office Complex, At Plot No. 1 & 2, Old Ishwar M/s Architect Bureau 13,500,000
56 Office Building For Saksoft, Noida M/s We Design 6,000,000
57 BPO at Gurgoan M/s N + B Studio 19,500,000
58 6 Nos. Multiplex at West Gate Mall, Raja Garden For M/s. Movie Times M/s Movie Times 3,250,000
59 Office Building for M/s. Agilent at Gurgoan M/s Ashwin Alva Associates 4,500,000
60 I T Building at Gurgoan for M/S. MM CREATIONS M/s ENAR 7,000,000
61 280 Flat Housing , Dwaraka M/s The Colleagues 37,500,000
62 84 Flats Group Housing, Dwaraka M/s The Colleagues 12,325,000
63 100 Flats Group Housing, Dwaraka M/s The Colleagues 14,325,000
64 35 Acres, Sterling Tool Factory at Palwal M/s M.R. Warerkar & Associates 12,500,000
65 Proposed shopping Complex, Dwaraka Morh, New Delhi. (1.95 Lakh sq. feet) for DMRC M/s Architect Bureau 11,500,000
66 Expansion of Heritage School (IDiscovery) at Gurgoan M/s Ashwin Alva Associates 1,000,000
67 Saaya Residence at Nirjula, Arunchal Pradesh M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 760,000
68 Talwar Residence at plot No. 216, Sector - 15 A, Noida M/s Morphogenesis 1,560,000
69 Tauseef Mirza residence at Delhi M/s We Design 2,260,000
70 Legend of India, Connuaght Place M/s We Design 28,500,000
71 Mc Donald at Satyam; Nehru Place M/s VISTAP550,000
72 Church at Nirjula, A.P. M/s Ashwin Alva Associates 18,00,000
73 Mphasis, Noida M/s DWP INTRICS 5,600,000
74 BPO, Gurgoan M/s Ashwin Alva Associates 3,500,000
75 Fun city Food Court, V3S Mall, Laxmi Nagar Space matrix 9,230,000
76 Shopping Mall At Karol Bagh M/s DFA 5,400,000
77 Emmar / MGF Corporate Office Complex at Village Sikanderpur, Ghosi, Gurgaon M/s Shiban Ganju 21,600,000
78 Whirl Pool Head Office Building, Gurgoan M/s Thareja Associates 6,800,000
79 Airtel Corporate Office at Gurgoan M/s RHK 8,000,000
80 Xansa, Noida M/s Adrainse group 10,300,000
81 J.M.D Mall, Gurgoan M/s Kanwal Thareja 14,500,000
82 R.G City Mall, Lawrence Road M/s 4th Dimension 7,500,000
83 Office Interior M/s UHG-phase –I, Unitech Cyber park M/s NPAPL 3,000,000
84 Cargill At Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 1,850,000
85 Office Interior for M/S. OCRAYON M/s IAAD / Rachna 1,375,000
86 Office Interior for M/S. BPTP M/s DWP Interics 385,000
87 BOSPL Gurgaon M/s Inspace 785,000
88 APL – Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 365,000
89 Office Interior Work for NIIT M/s Space Matrix 3,500,000
90 Rasid Mirja Residence M/s We Design 5,585,000
91 Heritage School At Building M/s Ashwin Alva Associates 1,165,000
92 Expansion of Apollo (Phase -3), Kolkata Associates M/s Shiban Ganju 18,600,000
93 45 Guest Rooms at Chirag Enclave M/s We Design 9,350,000
94 Mr. Shafis Residence, Jaypee Green M/s. Shiban Ganju 935,000
95 Interior work for CNBC TV, Phase-II M/s Space matrix 1,235,000
96 Interior work for IRMC, Noida M/s Space matrix 1,835,000
97 Interior work for Fujitsu Office, DLF M/s DWP Interics 735,000
98 Residence Interior For M/S. RACME M/s IAAD / Rachna 935,000
100 S. Mehta Farm House M/s We Design 7,350,000
101 MacDonald’s Merrut M/s We Design 375,000
102 MacDonald’s Laxmi Nagar M/s We Design 395,000
103 Office Interior M/s UHG-phase –II, Unitech Cyber park, Gurgaon M/s NPAPL 7,500,000
104 E & Y, CP, New Delhi M/s Adrainse group 950,000
105 Restaurant in DLF Mega Mall M/s We Design 450,000
106 CPR facility, Regal, CP, New Delhi M/s Abhikrama 950,000
107 CPR facility, Patarsi, Punjab M/s Abhikrama 1,350,000
108 CPR facility, Jabli, Himanchal M/s We Design 1,850,000
109 CPR facility at Greater noida M/s We Design 500,000
110 Doodh Farm House at Satbari, New Delhi M/s Rajeev Agarwal 7,500,000
111 Office Interior for Air Liquid, Gurgaon M/s DWP Intrics 450,000
112 Office Building for M/s Haltech M/s Inspace 2,500,000
113 Office Building for M/s Google, DLF, Gurgaon M/s DWP Intrics 1,800,000
114 Office Building for M/s Yahoo, DLF, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 1,450,000
115 Office Building for M/s Universal, Gurgaon M/s DWP Intrics 850,000
116 Interior work for Steel case M/s Space matrix 375,000
117 Obeete At Mirjapur M/s We Design 1,050,000
118 Executive Hostel Block at IMT Gaziabad, UP M/s We Design 2,100,000
119 Hostel Block at IMT, Nagpur M/s We Design 4,150,000
120 Mr. Chaudhary’s Residence at 104, Sunder Nagar M/s We Design 6,350,000
121 Office Interior for IT&T, Gurgaon M/s DWP Intrics 3,000,000
122 Office Interior for Jetro, Noida M/s DWP Intrics 1,800,000
123 Office Interior for AutoDesk, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 500,000
124 Office Interior for Cevent, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 850,000
125 Office Interior for Chevron, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 975,000
126 Office Interior for IBF, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi M/s Space Matrix 775,000
127 Office Interior for PPD, Mumbai M/s Space Matrix 1,850,000
128 Office Interior for Versa, Chandigarh M/s Space Matrix 1,650,000
129 Office Interior for Volvo, Gurgaon M/s Space Matrix 675,000
130 Proposed Veeranwali Hospital, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi M/s Delhi Hospital Society 2,180,000
131 Pearl Fashion Institute, Jaipur M/s Morphogenesis 16,500,000
132 TDI Corporate Office, New Delhi M/s Bobby Mukharjee 4,900,000
133 Commercial Building for M/s Baani at Plot-5, Jasola M/s Pradeep Sharma 27,500,000
134 Commercial Building at Sector-8, Rohini, New Delhi M/s The Collegues 7,500,000
135 E & Y, Unitech Cybercity, Gurgaon M/s Adrainse group 9,500,000
136 Fitness first at Ambi Mall at Gurgaon M/s Fitness First 5,500,000
137 Fitness first at Mumbai Mall M/s Fitness First 4,500,000
138 Fitness first at CP, New Delhi M/s Fitness First 5,800,000
139 Commercial Development at Barbil, Orissa M/s Rajeev Agarwal 11,000,000
140 10 Acres development work at Patiyala, Punjab M/s Architect Bureau 14,500,000
141 Bank of America, Unitech Cybercity, Gurgaon M/s Adrainse group 13,500,000
142 Nucleus Software Office Building M/s Inspace 1,700,000
143 Interior work for Pacetel, Noida M/s DWP Interics 4,500,000
144 Apartments at Pilerne, Goa M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 2,645,000
145 Villas at Candolim, Goa M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 3,500,000
146 Group Housing – City Mart M/s Nitin Goel Associates 7,500,000
147 Hanger at Airport M/s Thareja Associates 1,900,000
148 Yellow Fever Hospital at New Delhi M/s Thareja Associates 5,800,000
149 Hostel Block – 3, IMT Nagpur M/s We Design 3,750,000
150 Garment Factory at Manesar for MMC M/s Ashwin Alva & Associates 3,500,000
151 Office For Lurgi, Mohan Co-operative industrial Estate M/s JR+A 16,500,000
152 Fitness First Club at EVA Mall, Bangalore M/s Fitness First 6,500,000
153 CPR Facility At Jodhpur M/s We Design 1,000,000
154 MET Life(Unitech IT Park Noida) M/s Adrainse Group 6,900,000
155 CPR Facility At Jirakpur M/s We Design 1,100,000
156 Office Interior For M/s Abbott Vacular M/s DWP Interics 1,500,000
157 Hostel Block – 3, IMT Nagpur M/s We Design 4,200,000
158 Residence at Vasant Vihar M/s Thareja Associates 7,500,000
159 CHIBO Restaurant at C.P M/s 42 MM 3,750,000
160 Manni Square – CPR M/s We Design 850,000
161 Naimax, Factory Building M/s Rajeev Aggarwal Associates 6,850,000
162 Office building; Manesar for M/s.MM Creations Ashwin Alva Associates
163 Associates Spring Field, Phase-I Gurgaon-25acres Ashwin Alva Associates
164 Savoys Hotel at Jabli We Design
165 CSOI Club at Vinay Marg Kanwal Thareja
166 Golf Club building We Design
167 Farm House at Lucknow- Vikrama Aditiya Marg 42 mm
168 Noida Shopping Mall Jaiswal & Associates
169 Parking Cum Commercial complex at Noida Jaiswal & Associates
170 Residential Complex and Software Park at Hinjewadi, Pune/Blue Ridge Fairwood Consulting
171 IMT NAGPUR Hotel Block We Design
172 HAC - Housing at Chennai Ashwin Alva Associates
173 CITY MART (Hotel & Commercial Building) N Goyal & Asociates
174 Eros Ashwin Alva Associates
175 Midstream Estate, Masoori / MEM We Design
176 Residence for Mr. Vicky Puri, S-60, Panchseel Park We Design
177 Eros Corporate Park At Manesar Pradeep Sharma & Associates
178 Standard Restaurant At – C.P We Design
179 PNV Commercial, At Gurgaon Pradeep Sharma & Associates
180 I.T. Tower – Kessel Valley Pradeep Sharma & Associates
181 Corporate Office for Jindal Stainless Steel Morphogenesis
182 Proposed Hotel; Gurgoan M/s Saturn Aakar design
183 Office Building at Gurgaon (SCO) Morphogenesis
184 IT Building at Mohali Ashwin Alva Associates
185 Farm House at Radhe Mohan Drive Delhi 42 mm
186 B & B Office Building 42 mm
187 Proposed Villas, Apartment and SPA, Dabolim, Goa Ashwin Alva Associates
188 IT Building, Sector – 44, Gurgaon(IBD) Ashwin Alva Associates
189 SNG, Group Housing Firozabad Pradeep Sharma & Associates
190 Office Interior work for M/s Muthoot Bank Fairwood Consultants
191 Proposed 181 room Hotel at Gurgaon for M/s JMD We Design
192 Eros Club EROS
193 Office Building at Kaushamblis 42 mm
194 JMD – Commercial Building at Goa Pradeep Sharma & Associates
195 The River site Resort at Haridwar Ashwin Alva Associates
196 Villas at Parra, Goa Ashwin Alva Associates
197 IT Park at Gurgaon Ashwin Alva Associates
198 NIFTEM –National Institute of Food and Technology Entrepreneurship and management Stup Consultants (p) LTD.
199 Hotel at Mandawali We Design
200 IT Building at Manesar(IBM) Ashwin Alva Associates
201 Factory for vadera Builders(VBM) Ashwin Alva Associates
202 Group Housing on plot no. GH-7,Sec-1, Manesar N GOYAL & ASOCIATES
203 Group Housing on plot no. GH-45,Sec-1, Manesar N GOYAL & ASOCIATES
204 Khetan Farm House Shiban Ganju
205 Bikaner Mall Pravin Thakur
206 Proposed Hotel at Kodaikanal, Near Madurai We Design
207 Proposed 120 Hotel at Ludhiana Aakar Design
208 Engineering College N Goyal & Associates
209 IT Park at Gwal Pahari Ashwin Alva Associates
210 AHC Apartment building at Coimbatore Ashwin Alva Associates
211 Manali Project N GOYAL & ASOCIATES
212 IT building at Manesar – Tehran Builder Ashwin Alva Associates
213 Proposed Factory Building at Navi Mumbai Rajeev Aggrawal & Associates
214 Proposed National Press Centre Building Thareja Associates
215 Proposed Army Head Qtr. At Dhaula Kuan Inspace Design
216 IT Park at Nagpur - For Vipul Group Rajeev khanna
217 Proposed Building for M/s BAANI Project at Gurgaon Pravin Thakur
218 Proposed IT Building On Plot No.138 for M/s PEARL Ashwin Alva Associates
219 Proposed IT Building On Plot No.222 for M/s PEARL Ashwin Alva Associates
220 Proposed IT Building On Plot No.446 for M/s PEARL Ashwin Alva Associates
221 Proposed IT Building On Plot No.870 for M/s PEARL Ashwin Alva Associates
222 Proposed Hotel at Baddi N Goyal & Associates
223 Bharat Hotel at Jalandhar Ashwin Alva Associates
224 Bharat Hotel at Ahmedabad Ashwin Alva Associates
225 Proposed IT Building at Faridabad for M/s Piyush Group Thareja Associates
226 Proposed Office Building at Orrisa Rajeev Aggrawal & Associates
227 Life Style in Viva Mall, Ludhiyana ACE
228 Life in Metropolitan Mall at Gurgaon ACE